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pcs moves header 3Maybe you decided renting isn’t for you right now, or maybe you’re still curious and want to know more about the selling side before choosing what to do. It’s no small decision, so I’m glad you’re continuing your research and reading these blogs to figure out what’s best for you and your family. Selling your home is a pretty attractive option right now – housing demand is high & supply is low. But, as a real estate agent (incentivized to convince you to sell your house), I’m actually going to challenge the current narrative that selling is easier than it’s ever been and definitely the best option for everyone. Let’s take an honest look at what it would look like to sell your house in this market and the best practices to get the most out of your situation.

Housing inventory is as low as it’s ever been. This is a strong sellers market, so the house should sell itself, right? Not quite. While it is easier to find a buyer, it is still as important as ever to put your best foot forward as a seller. The truth is that there are a few easy things we can do to extract every dollar of equity possible out of the sale of the home and do it as painlessly as possible. So, what are the steps to selling a home once you come down on PCS orders?

First, we recommend that you call a trusted agent as soon as possible after receiving your orders, or even just when you are reasonably sure you will be coming down on orders soon. If you don’t have a trusted agent, ask your friends for referrals and interview at least 2 to 3 agents.  Make sure they return your calls, write and speak well, and have experience in the market. Take a look at a couple of their past listings to make sure they look good aesthetically and check that they actually sold!

You’ll want to consult with an agent as soon as possible because they can recommend home improvement projects that will make sense to do. There are a lot of easy things that can be done in your free time over the months leading up to your PCS move that can make a huge difference. Even things as basic as spreading new mulch in the flower beds, replacing beat up door knobs, fixing the dent in the drywall from that time you tripped bringing the new bed up the stairs, and other easy fixes can make a big difference.

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What Is Your Home Worth?

One of our expert agents will create a complimentary, personalized report that reveals your property’s potential. Together, we’ll strategize to maximize your return, ensuring you reap the benefits from your real estate investment.