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Here we are at 1109 East Anderson take you through, show you where the progress is, all the electrical, plumbing all the mechanicals are done. So we have come on. So we have insulation’s already in, been inspected, starting to put up drywall. You’ll see all the different places. So this all be drywalled here in a couple days which really make a big difference. Windows are in. Measuring for cabinets, making sure all the cabinets are gonna fit. And then back here, HVAC unit. Bathroom, bedroom one, bedroom two, bedroom three. Getting ready for drywall. Lot of framing had to be redone.

In the back. The back we’ve got replacements for two washes and two dryers. They’re gonna be communal for everybody here. All three units. We’ll go upstairs here in a minute. All that used to be sky. Do you remember some from these videos? Extended it out the back. Let’s go take a look.

So upstairs, this front room, they already painted.

See what this is gonna look like. Kind of on the more finished side, we’re gonna finish these floors, win- all the windows are in, we’ll case up around.

Ceilings are done.

The living room here

And then this is all new. So you remember from the old. The kitchen’s gonna wrap around, it’ll be a big, wraparound kitchen all the way around – fridge sink, dishwasher, stove, plenty of counter space, all over the place. And then we have four bedrooms. So you have the front bedroom that we just came from, bedroom two, bedroom three, bedroom four.

So we got four bedrooms, two baths upstairs the new bath, we added right over here,

Walking in, Walk in. We’re going to have double vanities, toilet, and tub. This used to be the breakfast nook at the old layout. So, it’s getting there! It’s getting there. Keep you updated as more as more comes.

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