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Okay. Here’s an example. When you find something, you have to address it. There are two ways to do a renovation. You can do it where you say, Hey, I’m gonna cover it up and not fix it because the next person I’m gonna sucker them and they’re gonna buy a house and it’s gonna be broke. Or the ethical thing to do. And the right thing to do is when you find a problem, you have to address it. In this case, we’re gonna address it – costs some money, costs some time, but it’s the right way to do it. So there are two ways to do a flip, two ways to do a renovation. I think it’s a right way and a wrong way, always there on the side of the road. Here we are in a renovation project here in Savannah, about a hundred-year-old house we have. We’re doing renovation on the bathroom tore everything out, rebuilding the bathroom from scratch. What I wanted to show you today, was an example of what termites can do to a house. Perfect example of termite damage. There was a leak. There was some water infiltration in the shower, came down, made all this wood nice and nice and moist termites, love dark, moist places. And they just feasted on this. And a lot, lot’s already been taken out from the bathroom here.

And this is right here. This will all be reframed. This – the damage – now this has to be sistered on because there’s nothing here to bite into. This was the termite damage. And it was to the point of where it had to be removed because the, the header itself, you could crush the entire header with your hand.

Yeah. All this, all this was destroyed. All this here all the way down should look like this.

And it was all, it was worse. It was worse than the other side. It was really bad. Yeah. You can still see some remnants of the good wood. But once again, when you’re talking about, when you’re talking about good wood, I always take a key. I always take a key and start really hitting into it to know if it’s soft, if it’s what’s going on. So even though this outside part, you know, the, the, the wood there is good, they can sister onto it. Put another piece, another piece on this side, solid wood behind there’s solid wood behind. So you don’t need to rip out this whole thing. You only really need to rip out whatever can’t hold a nail or a screw.

Example of what it looks like. So termites get in and just completely eat away at all these structural supports. And, and you have nothing left. So I mean, just comes right off in your hand which is why, you know, you want to have termite protection, a termite bond, especially in Savannah and south, termites are very rampant down here. And this is something that you’ll never know until you take this down. But, but once again, with a hundred-year-old house, don’t be surprised that we’re probably gonna have some termite damage somewhere. So even though it looks really bad, as long as there is a lot of good support structure here, you can replace all this at a nominal cost. So it doesn’t have to be painful for your wallet. The main thing is make sure all the termites are gone. This is old termite damage. There’s now a bond on this house, a termite bond. So it’s been protected for future termites. We’ll get this taken care of, get back on with the project, little extra cost involved but nothing that you know, nothing that’s gonna break the bank.

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